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Leading education startup leverages AI


Primary Project LocationAustralia
ProductsGoogle Cloud Platform (BigQuery, Firestore, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, API Gateway, Looker)
Vertex AI
Services DeliveredComputer Vision
Gen AI Application
ML Ops
Natural Language Processing

A leading education startup in Australia is a pioneering learning system that significantly enhances educational effectiveness. This globally recognised initiative is at the forefront of developing self-regulated, sophisticated learning skills for students and professionals.

The challenge

The organization wanted to automate evaluations of learner submissions, such as analysing complex, information-rich images and complex text content while adhering to specific educational principles. The system also needed to enable learners to intuitively search through large volumes of video and textual materials using natural language.

The solution

Responding to these challenges, the solution allowed for the seamless submission of educational materials through an API that interfaced with AI evaluation tools. Automated analyses used machine learning models, with text and images processed using finely tuned Large Language Models (LLMs). advanced language capabilities also supported this sophisticated solution.

The result

Learner submissions are now automatically evaluated through advanced machine learning techniques, enabling students to search videos and documents using semantic search technologies. This yields the most pertinent content relevant to their studies. 

The team has successfully developed, trained, and implemented numerous machine learning models and refined the use of LLMs to facilitate these capabilities.

Harness the power of AI for operational excellence and strategic advantage.