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A military organisation harnesses AI


Primary Project LocationAustralia
ProductsGoogle Cloud Platform (BigQuery, Firestore, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, API Gateway, Looker)
Vertex AI
Services DeliveredComputer Vision
ML Ops
Natural Language Processing
Network Analysis

A military organisation partnered with (Netbrane Pty Ltd) to implement advanced automated document analysis and bulk data processing using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The challenge

The organisation required a solution capable of automatically processing and analysing complex documents across multiple dimensions. The goal was to efficiently identify and interpret various themes and patterns within these documents.

The solution

Documents and data from diverse sources were ingested into a cloud platform.

All text elements underwent detailed analysis to evaluate sentiment, discern entities, and assess sentiment towards these entities. General themes and topics were extracted to understand the information landscape.

Multiple machine learning models were trained to understand very specific aspects of data.

The output was a highly-scalable, extensible, advanced AI data processing pipeline

The result

The collaboration yielded a highly scalable and precise solution, allowing for the extraction of intricate insights in an automated fashion from complex documents. engineered AI solutions hosted on Google Cloud specifically for the Defence sector. 

Services included sentiment analysis, entity recognition, text classification, engagement evaluation, and speaker distinction, with Google Cloud AI APIs and Vertex AI forming the backbone of the analytical infrastructure.

Harness the power of AI for operational excellence and strategic advantage.